Grimsmo Precision Tops


- 6AL4V Titanium spindle - metal of the gods - incredibly light and strong.
- Brass ring - for beauty and added weight.
- Si3N4 Grade 5 silicon nitride ceramic bearing ball - large contact surface that is insanely smooth.
- Average Spin Time: 9 minutes on a concave mirror (not guaranteed), it can even spin upside down!
- CNC machined right here at Grimsmo Knives Headquarters.  Proudly Made In Canada
- Incredibly well balanced, I even put two engravings to keep the weight even.
- 0.990" diameter,
1.200" tall, 23 grams.

Why Tops, Why Now?
Over the months it took me to learn our new Nakamura CNC lathe, I had the opportunity to play around with a few spinning top prototypes. It took a lot of late nights and 4am weekend mornings at the workshop, but after lots of testing I came up with a premium titanium and brass top that has a long, smooth spin, and all the simple, classic precision that we know our Grimsmo Knives fans love. It took months to dial it down to something I was happy with (you know me!) but finally, it’s quality enough for our fans and customers.  I've been carrying the prototype in my jeans pocket for the past few months and really enjoy spinning it everywhere I go.  People are always amazed that it can spin so smoothly!  Kids love it, I made some for my 9yr old nephews at Christmas and they spun them all night and had timed competitions, instead of playing with their other toys. 

Best Spinning Surface?
I've been using an economical concave makeup mirror that I found at my local dollar store (as seen in the pics), Amazon also has similar ones made by Swissco.  The concave nature of the very smooth surface allows the top to settle into the lowest spot and not spin away, and once it stops dancing around it will stand straight up and spin on the spot for a very long time, appearing to stand still.  A dinner plate is my go-to surface whenever I'm showing it to friends.  It will spin almost anywhere though, it spins fairly well on a piece of paper, even on the palm of your hand! 

Our Brand New and Shiny EDC Gear Line
For a long time I have heard so many fans ask for a more economical product, and while I can’t provide cheaper knives (sorry guys), we hope that our new line of EDC pocket gear fills that need! 

Our Precision Top is just the first of many in our new, awesome line of 2017 EDC gear.

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