March 09, 2017
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October 09, 2016
What a crazy year it's been!  We've been improving our products on a constant basis, we're finally getting the Rask pre-order knives out the door (and they're amazing), we've traveled all over North America going to various knife and manufacturing shows, we got a new CNC lathe, and we're growing like crazy.  We're even thinking about hiring people!  This business has been utterly amazing, we're having the time of our lives, making the absolute best product that we physically can, and we've got tons of raving fans who love what we do.  I'm anxiously excited to see what our future holds. 

Knife update --- You've probably noticed that Norseman production has slowed to a trickle.  Our #1 focus is on filling the Rask pre-order knives, and there's a lot of them.  Until the Rasks are caught up you will not see a flood of Norseman knives, though there might be a few here and there.  We do not sell any knives to distributors, it's all direct to you!  We are not able to take any Norseman pre-orders at this time, we're too buried with Rask pre-orders!  Let's catch up on that then we'll figure out a plan.  I know many of you are drooling for more Norseman knives, and I want to make them and sell them to you, but we have to manage our time and responsibilities carefully.  However there might be some smaller items hitting the website in the next few months, so stay tuned!