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We want to welcome you to the awesome Grimsmo Knives website!  We manufacture extremely high quality custom pocket knives using the best materials available.  We pour love and dedication into each and every aspect of what we do, and have a blast doing it!  We also have over 270 videos on YouTube showing how we manufacture our knives.  Check out our YouTube trailer below. 

November 08, 2014
Instead of listing a bunch of knives and telling everyone exactly when they will go live, we will now start posting them randomly on this website as we finish them.  That will lead to a lot less confusion, frustration, and headaches for me.  Check back often!  We're finishing knives every week.  Be sure to read the Testimonials page, we have been very fortunate to have so many happy customers. 

October 29, 2014 3:15PM
Last Sunday we tried for a big knife sale but due to the overwhelming response the server crashed for 2.5hrs, was up for a little bit, then went dead all night.  These knives have since become known as "The dirty dozen knives that broke the internet" ;-).  Thanks to a tip from one of my potential customers I have switched the whole website from Wordpress over to Shopify.  So far I'm thrilled.  Those 12 knives sold out really quickly on the new website.
Thank you all SO much for the overwhelming response and support.  You guys ROCK.
John Grimsmo
I receive a lot of quick testimonials from happy customers and I have posted them on my "testimonials" page, however this review just came in and I think it sums up what everyone has been saying very nicely.

I simply LOVE this knife. It has bumped knives like the CRK Seb 25, Southard Avo, Spyderco Slysz and a few others. I have decided to make this MY sole edc.
My Feedback:
The Company: I've found them to have excellent communication. I love the fact they are Canadian and only a 2hr drive from my location. Two great guys.
Name and Logo: I just LOVE it!!! I have convinced my 4 boys (age 10,7,5 and 3) that I have Viking blood LOL, hence my love for the name "Norseman" and the logo.
Blade: People either love it OR hate it, I LOVE it!!! Subtle engraving. Excellent thumb stud, not to aggressive on the thumb. I think the flipper tab is the perfect size as well, too many knives I've owned have had intrusive flipper tabs. Incredibly sharp blade which sits DEAD center between the scales.
Action: Flips perfectly. The detent is strong but not ridiculous. My 10yr old refers to this knife as Dads "Butter Knife" Simply because its so smooth, I like his play on words there lol. Ceramic bearings!!!
Pocket Clip: Simply and clean. Great retention. Slides in/out of the pocket without snags or interference. Love the hidden screws and that logo!!!
I also love how it sits nice and flat without any protrusion.
Hardware: Clean. Nicely engraved pivot. Polishing looks good. Love the hidden LBS and the "props" given to Hinderer.
Profile: This is a big one for me and this is where the Norseman REALLY excels. The thin profile is simply perfect, both in the hand and in the pocket. It carries so well in the pocket, very unobtrusive. The butt end of the handle is contoured in a way that makes sliding your hand in and out of your pocket comfortable. This knife literally disappears when carried in blue jeans. The Norseman feels great in hand. I have (glove size) large hands and it fills my hand perfectly with some room to move my grip around etc.
Dislikes: SUPER nit-picky!!! I have no major dislikes or annoyances with this knife.
1-I find the lockbar cutout to be a little wide. I understand the need due to tooling. Purely a visual thing on my part.
2-There are tapped holes in the backside of each scale which I understand is due to machine process. Totally understandable, but when my eyes see them, I wish they weren't there.
How can I go about getting another?



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