John and Erik Grimsmo - "The Brothers Grimsmo"

We want to welcome you to the awesome Grimsmo Knives website!  We manufacture extremely high quality custom pocket knives using the best materials available.  We pour love and dedication into each and every aspect of what we do, and have a blast doing it!

October 29, 2014 3:15PM

Last Sunday we tried for a big knife sale but due to the overwhelming response the server crashed for 2.5hrs, was up for a little bit, then went dead all night.  These knives have since become known as "The dirty dozen knives that broke the internet" ;-).

Thanks to a tip from one of my potential customers I have switched the whole website from Wordpress over to Shopify.  So far I'm thrilled.

LETS TRY THIS AGAIN!  5pm EST TONIGHT (October 29, 2014) all 12 of the knives will become visible and available on the "PRODUCTS" page, and also at the bottom of the home page, just like that "Test" product.  I'm using as my timer if you want to get really accurate.  First come, first served.  The store does accept credit cards but Paypal checkout will be WAY faster. 

Best of luck to everyone.  Thank you all SO much for the overwhelming response and support.  You guys ROCK. 
John Grimsmo